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Art restoration

About us:

Firstly: Artworks passed down are connected through mysterious threads. Even pieces of a similar kind, due to their history of restoration and the effects of aging, manifest themselves as unique landscapes. Over time, the individual narratives intertwine and contribute to their richness.


Art Restoration: Art restoration primarily involves a technique to harmonize chipped or cracked areas of ceramics with the surrounding texture. It employs pigments and resins for the repair. While not as widely recognized as kintsugi, kintsukuroi is a restoration method akin to magic, ensuring that mended areas are virtually indistinguishable from the original. It is one of the outstanding methods for preserving the value of art.


Kintsugi: Kintsugi is a technique that uses the sap of the lacquer tree to beautifully repair objects with gold. This method is deeply intertwined with Japan's unique philosophy of "wabi-sabi." Wabi-sabi values accepting things as they are, even when they are broken or imperfect. This philosophy extends to life itself, where the natural and unaltered state is often the most beautiful. Let's embrace each moment as a unique encounter!


A Kyoto-based artisan and art restoration specialist with over 10 years of experience repairing antique artwork with methods including kintsugi.

After establishing Bishoin Art Restoration Studio and studying at the Gemological Institute of America, she developed a way to restore art so that the repaired areas would not be visible under UV light. Now, she continues to hone her craft while working to uplift the Kyoto artisan community.


-Graduated from the Sculpture Course of the Department of Fine Arts and Crafts at Kyoto University of Art and Design

-Completed the Traditional Industry Technology Successor Development Training Lacquer Course at the Kyoto Industrial Research Institute in Reiwa 5

-Earned a degree from Hongik University in Seoul

-GIA Education certified

Price guide

Our studio specializes in repairs using a unique technique that is resistant to UV light, known as "共直し" (tomonaoshi).

We also accept requests for techniques like "金継" (kintsugi) and "蒔絵" (makie).


Feel free to contact us anytime.

Price / co-fix

From ¥10,000

From ¥30,000

From ¥5,000

From ¥360,000

From ¥180,000

From ¥60,000





Upper arm


Scratch size


​Delivery date

​1 month

​2 months

1 month

​6 months

4 months

​3 months





(25mm diameter)

(diameter 5mm)

If there are traces of glue or paint

If the fabric has unevenness

Celadon/white porcelain/other porcelain

In the case of Hajiki

If the scar runs on both sides

Fragile areas that are prone to breakage.


Kintsugi/Hontsugi Naoshi









prepare the groundwork

do cleaning work


Inject reinforcing fluid


prepare the groundwork



Check item

additional fee


Price/additional charges



Please contact us directly.


Please provide the following details in your inquiry: Company name, contact person's name, address, phone number, size and material of the item to be repaired, and attach images showing the areas in need of restoration.


Kindly review and agree to the contract terms and conditions before contacting us.

Contract Terms and Conditions


Based on the images provided, we will estimate the cost and provide an expected delivery date.


We will respond to your message within 2 business days.


Once the work is completed, we will provide you with a temporary report using images or videos.

Subsequently, we will prepare a formal work report and send it to you.



We can accept items either by direct delivery or by prepaid shipping.

Please contact us in advance.

Items should be scheduled for delivery in the morning on business days.

After receiving the shipment, we will conduct a condition check and present the formal contract in writing.



We will provide you with a detailed description of the artwork received, including the cost of restoration and the expected completion date.

The issuance of the contract signifies the completion of the receiving process.


Payment is required in advance.

Work will commence upon confirmation of payment.

Please be aware of this policy.



We will proceed with the delivery after you have reviewed the report.

All processes are handled meticulously by our art restorer with individual responsibility.

For further details, please refer to the contract terms.

Feel free to contact us.


We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with any inquiries you may have.



Process of request

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