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Art restoration contract terms/Art Restoration Contract Terms

Information about the Contractor:

Contractor: BISHOIN Art Restoration Studio

Business Activities: Operation of an art restoration studio / Consultation on various art-related matters

Establishment Date: June 2021

Representative: Tomomi Sakamoto


The studio address is not publicly available online.

Business Hours: Weekdays only (Excluding weekends, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Bon holidays) 9:00-17:00

Ordering Method:

Ordering Method: Please specify the company name, contact person's name, phone number, the size and material of the restoration item, and attach images of the areas that need restoration. Contact us via LINE/WeChat/E-MAIL.

For the creation of this contract, the presentation of an antique dealer's license is required, and for the general public, one of the following documents is required: a passport, driver's license, or My Number card.

Confirmation of an order is considered an acceptance of the Art Restoration Contract Terms.


We only accept work from customers introduced by someone (Communication is conducted in Japanese only for customers in Japan).


Contract Amount/Project Duration:

You can find an approximate estimate on our pricing page in advance.

Additionally, we will provide a rough estimate based on image assessment.

After receiving the item, we will create a formal contract and send it to you.

If, upon inspection of the item after receipt, it appears that there may be additional repair areas, we will contact you before creating the contract. If you do not agree to the proposed fee at that time, you may choose to have the item returned at your own expense or within one week.

For any damage during transportation, please contact the carrier.

The following items may be declined for restoration:

Example: Porcelain, very thin fabrics, vintage glass items such as Baccarat and Lalique, repair areas with a diameter of less than 10mm in items with metalwork engravings, items with a width of more than 70cm.


Replica creation is strictly prohibited.

If there are cracks in the base inscription, it may be difficult to restore both the inscription and the surface to their original state.


If you have strong requirements, we may decline the work.


Please note that restoration is not a guarantee of a complete return to the original condition; there may be some limitations.


Item Delivery:

Direct Delivery: After prior notice, you can directly deliver the item to us.

Shipping: After prior notice, please send it with a designated morning arrival using a courier service.

The cost of delivering the item to the studio must be covered by you.

We do not accept items sent without prior notice or sent with cash on delivery.

Inspection results will be communicated within 2 business days.


Payment must be made in advance.

We kindly request payment within one week of issuing the contract.


Payment Methods:

Cash: Payment can be made at the studio entrance (bell desk).

Bank Transfer: We will proceed with the work upon confirmation of the transfer. Please bear the bank's transaction fees.


Negotiations for price reductions are strictly not allowed.

Additional Fees Apart from the Service Price:

Storage Fee: If you do not retrieve your item directly from the studio after the work is completed, a storage fee of 10,000 yen per day will be charged, starting approximately 14 days after completion.

We accept delivery arrangements; however, we may not be able to accommodate specific requests due to the delicate nature of the artwork or items that are difficult to package. Please be aware.


In the case of delivery, we do not accept any responsibility for damage or accidents.


We do not offer delivery insurance.


For domestic shipments: After the work is completed, we kindly ask you to bear the shipping cost (Yamato COD).

For international shipments: In the case of overseas shipments, we will charge not only for the restoration cost but also for the shipping cost, arrangement fee, and packaging fee.


Handling After Restoration:

Avoid direct sunlight, wrap the item in thin paper, and store it in a dark place.

Please understand that the restoration is for display purposes.

Do not put it in the microwave.

Avoid pouring hot water on the restoration area or immersing it in liquid for an extended period.

Do not use strong chemicals such as bleach.

Storing in high-temperature, high-humidity, or salt-prone areas (seaside warehouses) is not recommended.

Do not scratch or scrape the restoration area with your nails or a coin, as it may cause the restoration to peel.

Lifting the restoration area may lead to detachment under excessive weight, so please hold the main body directly. Even after restoration, wooden items may crack due to changes in humidity and temperature.

We do not take responsibility for shape deterioration after restoration.

The area of repair includes a radius of about 2cm.

It may take 2-3 months for the solvent to completely evaporate.

No visitors allowed:

Studio tours are not allowed for anyone.

Handling item delivery and cash payment will be done at the studio entrance (front door).

Please make sure to inform us and consult with us in advance if you plan to directly deliver or retrieve items from the studio.

(General Provision)

Article 1:

The ordering party and the contractor must faithfully fulfill this Art Restoration Contract based on the contents specified in the header and the contract document attached. Any changes, additions, or cancellations to the contract will not be accepted after the contract has been issued.

However, if the contractor identifies new repair areas after the work is completed, they will contact the ordering party each time and discuss the repair and fees.

People related to organized crime or similar individuals are not allowed to request work.


(Extension of the Deadline Due to Contractor's Request)

Article 2:

When the contractor cannot complete the restoration by the deadline due to natural disasters, force majeure, the contractor's illness, or other reasons beyond their control, they may request an extension of the delivery deadline by explaining the reasons to the ordering party.


(Notification of Delivery)

Article 3:

The contractor must notify the ordering party when the item has been restored. During this notification, images of the restoration and a work report will be attached for prompt delivery. The ordering party must confirm this information and, upon approval of the restoration details, accept the item.



Article 4:

The ordering party must pick up the restored item within 14 days from the day of the notification mentioned in Article 3. If the item needs to be stored at the studio for more than 14 days, the contractor may charge a storage fee to the ordering party . The ordering party is not allowed to negotiate the price upon delivery.


(Payment of Contract Amount)

Article 5:

After confirming the restoration details with the ordering party, the contractor may send a payment request in writing. The payment must be made within one week after the issuance of the invoice.


Price negotiations are strictly not allowed.


(Article 6 - Damages to Restored Items)

Article 6:

In the event of any accidental damage, such as breakage, occurring within the studio premises before the completion of delivery of the restored item, the maximum limit for compensation shall be set at 50,000 yen. Furthermore, the contractor must diligently manage the item received from the ordering party with due care.



The contractor shall be exempt from liability even if damage to the restored item occurs during the period in which it is in their custody, due to natural disasters, including earthquakes, or other force majeure events. The cost of such damage shall be borne by the ordering party.


(Article 7 - Warranty of Defects)

Article 7:

If defects are found in the item delivered by the contractor, the ordering party may request a single re-restoration from the contractor. If there is a disagreement about the quality of the work, both parties are expected to engage in discussions to reach a resolution However, the contractor shall not be held responsible for damage or contamination resulting from their own fault. Such claims must be made within one week from the delivery of the item.


(Article 8 - Contractor's Right to Terminate)

Article 8:

The contractor has the right to terminate the contract under the following conditions:


When the ordering party breaches the contract and there is no prospect of completing the restoration without negotiations.

When it becomes impossible to complete the restoration due to natural disasters, illness, accidents, or other force majeure events.

In cases where the item in question is stolen.

When communication has been lost for more than five business days.

When the contractor deems the ordering party as unsuitable.

In such cases, the contractor is required to return the relevant item at the expense of the ordering party. If deemed necessary by the contractor, they must report the incident to the police station and file a lawsuit with the local court.


(Article 9 - Unspecified Matters)

Article 9:

In each provision of these Art Restoration Contract Terms, the ordering party and the contractor shall fulfill this contract in good faith. In cases where disputes arise from this interpretation or in situations not covered by this contract, both parties shall engage in negotiations in good faith. to find a resolution.


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